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Luca Lionello:
Born in Milan 02\02\1962
- 1983  Post Graduation : Photography - Institute of European Design
- 1982-1994  Freelance photographer (Rome, Italy). Collaboration as a Photographer with Condè Nast group for portraits, food, interior design. Advertising photography for: L’uomo Vogue, Maison et Jardin, Vogue Italia, Casa Vogue.
- Industrial photography, food, architecture, portraits and interior design photos
- 1987-1993  Music composer for two recitals: “Violenze” and “Epistolario di Italo Svevo” and one theatrical work: “Mogli, Figli, Amanti”. Concert at Todi’s Summer Theater festival in 1990.
- 1994-2009 Working as a professional anatomy illustrator. I have illustrated several books for Springer, Informa, Health care and Casa  Editrice delle Rose,
- 1994-2009 I start to research in Photography and installations.  Still practicing commercial photography ( jewelry, interior design, portraits) 
- January 2002  personal Exhibition at Araldica Gallery in Bologna: "The electrical garden" Installation of video, music, photos, light boxes.
- February 2004 donation of a light box to ANT silent auction in Bologna
- April  2005 donation of a light box to Fund Rising for Cushman school in Miami
- 2005-2007  photo project: “Reflex City on cars”
- February 2008 collective exhibition  at Arte-fiera in Bologna with Galleria Forni  
-2009  photo project: “Evanescenze, a reflexion on San Francisco advertising billboards”  
- Sept.21st 2011 first piece  of “cities of Light” showed at  Miami Iron side Collective exhibition open nhouse.
- Nov. 30th, Dec.5th 2011 exhibition at “Miami Burst!” in Miami Art Basel 2011. Production of “cities of Light”: 3d hand cutout skylines, illuminated by LED
- 2015 still working on commercial photos and production of “synchronicity”:  3d photo mosaics hand cutout, based on photographic family’s memory and photos of cities and landscapes.
-2105  until today: production of  “Floors”, a research on road’s concrete, asphalt, and pavements of walking places.


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